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From answering questions and providing guidance to offering emotional support, I am dedicated to helping my clients navigate this difficult time. Check out what some of my clients have said about me!

“Wow! Where should we begin? My husband and I retained Sam and his team in January when my husband accepted a plea for wire fraud. He was told by his attorney that he would likely get a sentence of 6-8 years . This was his first time to ever be in any trouble. We were referred to Sam from a physician friend who had an amazing experience working with him last year. Sam, and even his wife, walked us through every step of the journey.”

– Julie W.

“I started working with Sam when he left his old firm. He and his team initially helped me to prepare my narrative for my judge. We then jumped right into preparing me for. My pre sentence interview. Sam spent countless hours both via the phone and Zoom helping me how to handle this important interview, which once finished, the probation officer told me it was the best he’s ever conducted in his 18 years of doing this. Sam then prepared me and my attorney for my sentencing.”

– Paul K.

“Sam was extremely helpful! I referred some friends to him after he helped me with my situation! Truly the best!”

– Charlotte M.

“I highly recommend Sam Mangel! Not only did he provide exceptional guidance during my legal process, but I’ve also referred others to him who are very happy!”

– Meriton R.

“I had an outstanding experience working with Sam Mangel. His in-depth knowledge, personalized approach, and unwavering support made a challenging process much more manageable. I highly recommend!”

– Zana K.

“If you or anyone in your family has been convicted of a white-collar crime, Sam Mengel is an essential person to consult. People unfamiliar with the consequences of conviction have many anxiety-ridden questions. What options and choices do convicted persons have? What are the characteristics of different federal prison sites? What are the ways that sentences can be reduced? What are realistic expectations pre- and post-imprisonment? For families unfamiliar with the courts and incarceration, Sam’s thoughtful, compassionate voice provides important guidance that diminishes the fear and confusion associated with imprisonment. He’s a skilled, educated listener who’s available to his clients 24/7. I endorse Sam Mangel, without reservation, to help convicted persons and their families trying to make sense of a world hidden from the general public.”

– David F.

“Going up against the federal legal system can be a daunting and scary prospect. Sam’s and breadth of experience and knowledge of the inner workings of the criminal justice system are invaluable tools that help achieve positive outcomes. If you fear a potential investigation, or have fallen prey to a prosecution, definitely contact Sam today to get out ahead of the situation.”

– Solomon H.

“During such a difficult & uncertain time, I reached out to Sam Mangel for guidance. I reached out to Sam on 6/25/2023 when my court was 6/26/2023. I was extremely lost, confused and needed help writing my allocation and understanding everything about my sentencing hearing. Sam text me back immediately, he was so helpful. He gave me an example, told me the very 3 important things I should ask the judge, and helped me write out my letter to the judge FOR FREE! This is seriously the most kindest thing a person can do for you when you are completely lost and a letter to the judge depends on your sentencing frame. I was sentenced, I reached out to Sam to tell him and he was happy with the results I got because of him. The next couple days the AUSA filed an appeal & Sam jumped on it right away to help me figure why he would do that and gave me nothing but emotional support.

I am so happy I met Sam, he was truly a life saver and the best advice giver in such a stressful situation.”

– Regjinay T.

“I would highly recommend Sam. He helped my uncle. He is very honest and knowledgeable.

– Sarah N.

“I would highly recommend Sam! He was so helpful and knew exactly how to handle every situation.

– Piper B.

“I am immensely grateful for the assistance I received from Sam, which was crucial in my early release from probation. From the outset, Sam demonstrated a remarkable blend of compassion and professionalism. He patiently addressed all my concerns and meticulously answered my questions, ensuring I was comfortable and informed throughout the process.
His dedication was evident in his proactive approach to follow-ups. Before filing the motion, Sam cleared all my doubts, showcasing his commitment to client satisfaction. The successful outcome of my case is a testament to his expertise and thorough understanding of legal procedures.
I highly recommend Sam to anyone seeking dependable assistance. His guidance and support have been invaluable to me, and I am confident that others will benefit from his expertise as much as I have. Thank you so much, Sam, for your exceptional service!”

– Kwan

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Parenting From Federal Prison

Parenting From Federal Prison

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A post from our client at Bryan FPC, a women’s camp in TX

A post from our client at Bryan FPC, a women’s camp in TX

A post from our client at Bryan FPC, a women's camp in TXI am typing everything I can think of that may be a question or concern in one of your clients' minds right now. I am hoping this helps prepare them 🙂 HEALTH CARE: In your first month, you will have MULTIPLE...

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How Does the Commissary Work?

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How to Prepare Your Family for Surrendering to Federal Prison

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Understanding the Trial Penalty in Federal Criminal Cases

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My experience convinced me that we all should work to be our best self-advocates. With our team, we work to help others prepare themselves for the best outcomes.

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