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Prison consultants are individuals or organizations that provide guidance and advice to individuals and their families who are facing incarceration or have already been incarcerated.

My unique combination of knowledge, experience, and skills makes me stand out amongst other advisors.
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Sam Mangel

“Wow! Where should we begin? My husband and I retained Sam and his team in January when my husband accepted a plea for wire fraud. He was told by his attorney that he would likely get a sentence of 6-8 years. This was his first time to ever be in any trouble. We were referred to Sam from a physician friend who had an amazing experience working with him last year. He spent hours with my husband preparing him for his pre sentence interview. His team wrote an amazing narrative to accompany his PSR for the judge. He prepared us for his sentencing last week. Rob, my husband, was sentenced to 24 months. The judge recommended the RDAP program, again because of Sam’s assistance, and is surrendering to Pensacola in 75 days. He should be home in about 11 months. I cannot thank Sam and his team enough. But more importantly, cannot recommend him highly enough” – Julie Weissman 

Sam Mangel's Mission is to help people who are having the same problem he once had!

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In addition to my personal knowledge and unique insight, I have a wealth of experience representing clients in white-collar criminal matters. Call me today to learn more about how I can assist you. 561-490-4544 

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From answering questions and providing guidance to offering emotional support, I am dedicated to helping my clients navigate this difficult time. Check out what some of my clients have said about me!

About RDAP:

Sam has been my point of contact since day one, I enlisted his services after receiving a federal prison sentence and finding out I was going to a higher security facility that I belong in. My attorney at the time was absolutely clueless on what to do and completely dropped the ball… after having my consultation with Sam I knew these folks were the ones for the job and they sure were. Within 24 hours of receiving my retainer they had the necessary paperwork drafted up and got the ball rolling. Within 2 weeks of having them “on payroll” they provided results and I’m going to a low security facility instead of a much more violent and volatile place, I HIGHLY recommend this company to anyone who has legal issues at the federal level!

Josh S.

I was LOST, but now I'm found!!! I didn't know my designation nor my J & C when I met this team. I was scared, mad, frustrated and lost. Sam and his team changed my life. I constantly tell folks I met them 8 months too late. My PSR didn't accurate reflect my situation, experiences, nor my short comings. Through the guidance and help of this team, I have a good chance of being located 2 1/2 hours from my family versus 7 hours. Additionally, Sam guided my attorney with drafted orders and RDAP information and conference calls (Sam) to assist me with my illness and possible treatment, and presenting to the courts on my behalf. I've learned how to advocate for myself and become productive while incarcerated. Most importantly, my wife feels better about our situation as she listens to the zoom calls with me. Sam, and the other team members are now our family.

Jason Lary

Sam Mangel hase been FABULOUS since I hired his Team. I have had extensive conversations with Sam and his accessibility, honesty and credibility have been massive benefits for myself and my wife (Sam has offered his wife as resources for my wife multiple times and she is very thankful for it!!)


Sam helped me through an uncertain period in my life. They walked me though step by step how to work with my attorney. I ended up getting a probation instead of years of prison time. All the letters and preparing for the case was valuable tools and contributing factor. Also, Sam helping me with all the questions which helped me guide though unknown and scary time period of my life. Please do watch all their videos and study and put effort to your case. At the end you will be glad you did. The team did wonderful job and I'm glad I contacted them and worked with them. Thank you! Thank you! And now, I can get my life back on track.

ACE Home

Today was a positive turning point... I've received so much "advice" from so many different "professionals." Until working with Sam Mangel and his team, I was getting nowhere. Today I got solid advice and a clear path forward on what exactly I need to do to achieve my goals. Knowledge is liberating. Thanks, Sam!

Chris B

Sam Mangel and his team bring back peace of mind into your life… Sam Mangel has been life saver helping me manage the stress and anxiety of handling all that goes into become a white color convict. He is there when you need him. He sheds light and educates you on the unfamiliar and scary world of sentencing, incarceration, and probation. The peace of mind he brings back to your life is priceless.


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We expressly and explicitly state that WE ARE NOT LAWYERS and we do not offer legal advice. We cannot file motions in any court of law. We work with lawyers, and we can recommend a lawyer for you to consider.

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