We are Providing The Most Compassionate & Personal Federal White Collar Consulting Services

Federal White Collar Consultant

Prison consultants are individuals or organizations that provide guidance and advice to individuals and their families who are facing incarceration or have already been incarcerated.

My unique combination of knowledge, experience, and skills makes me stand out amongst other advisors.

  • First Step Act
  • Earned Time Credits
  • Sentence Mitigation Assistance
  • RDAP Program
  • Post Sentence Program
  • Personal Assistance for you and your familly throughout this journey

Our Services

We are providing the most compassionate & personal federal white collar consulting services.

Judicial Understanding

The judicial process from target to surrender and release.

Mitigation Techniques

We will work with your attorney to assist with your character letters and prepare for sentencing. Work with family to educate them throughout the process.

Pre-Sentence Investigation

PSI prep & review to get the best possible outcome and working with members of our team to prepare for the most important interview of your life.

Preparation for Your Surrender

All matters relating to The Federal Bureau of Prisons and understanding designation.

Understanding RDAP

Pre-Surrender Counseling and Preparation for you and your family, and more. Designated assistance to determine if you qualify and which facilities are currently offering this program. We’ll help you get into the first available RDAP Class upon surrender.


Unlocking Freedom: Navigating the First Step and Second Chance Acts


Prepare you and your family for communication, commissary, dormitories/housing, work programs, education/classes, etc.

Prison Consultants

Why Choose Sam Mangel?

Navigating the complexities of the federal prison system can be daunting and overwhelming for both individuals facing incarceration and their families. Choosing Sam Mangel as your Federal Prison Consultant ensures you receive expert guidance, compassionate support, and strategic advice tailored to your unique situation.

With extensive experience and a deep understanding of the federal prison system, Sam Mangel offers unparalleled insights into the intricacies of the judicial process. His comprehensive approach covers every aspect of the journey, from pre-sentencing strategies and preparing for surrender to understanding the Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) and navigating post-incarceration reentry.

Sam’s personalized consultations provide clarity and peace of mind, helping clients make informed decisions during a challenging time. He empowers individuals with knowledge about their rights and options, ensuring they are well-prepared for each stage of the process. Additionally, Sam offers vital support to families, helping them understand what to expect and how best to support their loved ones.

By choosing Sam Mangel, you benefit from a compassionate advocate dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes. His commitment to each client’s well-being, combined with his expertise, makes Sam Mangel the trusted choice for federal prison consulting.

Legal Disclaimer

We expressly and explicitly state that WE ARE NOT LAWYERS and we do not offer legal advice. We cannot file motions in any court of law. We work with lawyers, and we can recommend a lawyer for you to consider.

In the Media

I’m regularly asked for comment on issues and stories related to federal prison and the criminal justice system. Here are a few highlights:


Steve Bannon's prison consultant, Sam Mangel, on Kaitlin Collins prime time CNN


Sam Mangel, federal prison consultant as seen on CNN
Sam Mangel, Peter Navarro's prison consultant
As seen in Bloomberg
Sam Mangel as seen in the International Business Times
Sam Mangel featured in the Daily Mail to discuss Hunter Biden
Daily Beast features Sam Mangel, leading prison consultant
Miami Herald Logo
Sam Mangel serving foreign nationals, as seen in Outlook India
Sam Mangel, leading federal prison consultant for tech and crypto, featured in The Block
Sam Mangel, best federal prison consultant, as seen in Raw Story
Sam Mangel featured on the Dodgers Incline podcast, part of the Fansided network, to discuss Ohtani and Ippei Federal Prison Consultant Sam Mangel on client Peter Navarro

What our clients are saying

From answering questions and providing guidance to offering emotional support, I am dedicated to helping my clients navigate this difficult time. Check out what some of my clients have said about me!

Sam has been my point of contact since day one, I enlisted his services after receiving a federal prison sentence and finding out I was going to a higher security facility that I belong in. My attorney at the time was absolutely clueless on what to do and completely dropped the ball… after having my consultation with Sam I knew these folks were the ones for the job and they sure were. Read more

Julie Weissman

I was LOST, but now I’m found!!! I didn’t know my designation nor my J & C when I met this team. I was scared, mad, frustrated and lost. Sam and his team changed my life. I constantly tell folks I met them 8 months too late. My PSR didn’t accurate reflect my situation, experiences, nor my short comings. Through the guidance and help of this team, I have a good chance of being located… Read more

Jason Lary

Sam helped me through an uncertain period in my life. They walked me though step by step how to work with my attorney. I ended up getting a probation instead of years of prison time. All the letters and preparing for the case was valuable tools and contributing factor. Also, Sam helping me with all the questions which helped me guide though unknown and scary time period of my life. Read more

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We’re here to protect your business, life and much more…

Sam Mangel’s Mission is to help people who are having the same problem he once had!

Sam Mangel

Federal White Collar Advisor

My name is Sam Mangel and I’m pleased to reveal the back story of how I came to work with people going through the federal justice system. After all, I’m asking you to trust me. It’s only fair that I reveal my background so you will have a better idea of who I am and how I got here. My pathway to working with my team began long ago.

On April 12, 2016, at 7:00 am, I heard a knock on the door of my home. I went and opened it to find about eight people. They wore blue windbreakers with large FBI letters stenciled on them.

Parenting From Federal Prison

Parenting From Federal Prison

Parenting while one parent is in federal prison can be a challenging and emotional experience, both for incarcerated individuals and their children, but it is also one of the most important things to consider. I know this from personal experience, as my two children...

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A post from our client at Bryan FPC, a women’s camp in TX

A post from our client at Bryan FPC, a women’s camp in TX

A post from our client at Bryan FPC, a women's camp in TXI am typing everything I can think of that may be a question or concern in one of your clients' minds right now. I am hoping this helps prepare them 🙂 HEALTH CARE: In your first month, you will have MULTIPLE...

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How Does the Commissary Work?

How Does the Commissary Work?

Within federal prisons, commissaries provide inmates with a much-needed taste of the outside world, selling a variety of items that are not provided by the prison, but are incredibly helpful in maintaining some semblance of comfort and convenience. Knowing how the...

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How to Prepare Your Family for Surrendering to Federal Prison

How to Prepare Your Family for Surrendering to Federal Prison

One of the hardest parts of a federal prison sentence is preparing your family for your surrender. There is no “playbook” for this incredibly emotional situation, but it is one of the most important steps in ensuring a smooth transition for you and your loved ones. If...

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