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Trump Likely to Avoid Prison, Underlings Not So Lucky, According to Federal White Collar Crime Specialist Sam Mangel

Experts predict Trump may avoid jail due to logistical issues, while his associates face possible minimum security prison time. Trump’s third indictment, seen as his biggest legal challenge, involves election interference but may lead to non-custodial sentences due to Secret Service complexities.

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What Former Crypto CEOs Should Expect As They Prepare for Prison

Once tech titans, Sam Bankman-Fried and Changpeng Zhao (CZ) of FTX and Binance fame, now face a daunting shift to federal prison life, a reality far removed from their blockchain dominance. Their illustrious reputations will be stripped down to mere inmate numbers, challenging their adaptability and resilience in a new, rigid hierarchy. The transition demands a mental and social recalibration, from avoiding contraband like cell phones to finding meaning in educational programs. This journey underscores the volatile nature of tech fame and the profound personal growth that can emerge from adversity..

Photo of prison cell window with blue shadow lighting
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Judge denies Maddox motion for lower sentence, Burnette request to see Taylor Swift

A judge denied Scott Maddox’s plea for a reduced bribery sentence and J.T. Burnette’s request to travel for a Taylor Swift concert. Both, involved in a Tallahassee bribery scheme, served prison time; Maddox sought a sentence cut from 60 to 49 months, citing good behavior and educational efforts. However, the judge upheld the original 60-month sentence, emphasizing the sentence’s adequacy.

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Are There Cell Phones in Federal Prison? Yes, But You Don’t Want One

The article discusses the issue of contraband in federal prisons, focusing on the presence of cell phones among inmates. Prison consultant Sam Mangel highlights the risks associated with possessing a cell phone in prison, including the potential for extended sentences and loss of privileges due to the severe consequences of getting caught. The federal Bureau of Prisons classifies having a cell phone as a major disciplinary infraction, equating it to committing violent acts inside the facility due to the security risks it poses.

Photo of man in gray suit holding a black cellphone in the street
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What Life in Prison Will Be Like for Bankman-Fried

The article outlines the anticipated life in federal prison for Sam Bankman-Fried, the former FTX founder, whose meteoric rise in the cryptocurrency world ended in legal troubles leading to incarceration. Federal prison consultant Sam Mangel predicts that Bankman-Fried will face significant adjustments to the harsh realities of prison life, especially given his prior status as a prominent figure in the digital currency revolution.

Black and white photo of an empty two-story jail cell
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As Thousands Prepare for Prison, Sam Mangel Helps People Through Their Darkest Days

Sam Mangel, a federal prison consultant, offers guidance and reassurance to individuals facing incarceration in America. With thousands of professionals annually confronting the prospect of prison due to business-related offenses, the experience can be disorienting and daunting. Mangel, who served 21 months for wire fraud, uses his experience to help others navigate the complexities of prison life and the emotional and psychological challenges that come with it.

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