Post Incarceration/Re-Entry

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Post Incarceration/Re-Entry

Embarking on the journey of post-incarceration and re-entry demands a tailored approach that addresses the multifaceted challenges ahead. Sam Mangel stands as your dedicated guide, offering comprehensive support to prepare you and your family for the complexities of life beyond prison walls.

Strategies for Effective Communication:
Maintaining meaningful connections with your family is paramount. Sam provides valuable insights and strategies to facilitate effective communication, ensuring a strong support network during this transitional period.

Navigating Housing Transition:
Transitioning from prison dormitories to community housing requires thoughtful planning. Sam assists in exploring housing options, addressing challenges, and adapting to the dynamics of your new living environment.

Empowering Employment Opportunities:
Re-entering the workforce is a significant step towards rebuilding your life. Sam provides guidance on work programs, job-seeking strategies, and insights into securing employment opportunities, empowering you to achieve financial independence.

Continued Education and Personal Growth:
Education remains a cornerstone for personal growth post-incarceration. Sam Mangel assists in identifying educational opportunities and classes that align with your goals, fostering ongoing development and advancement.

Holistic Re-Entry Support:
Sam Mangel’s support goes beyond practical considerations, encompassing emotional and psychological well-being. He offers assistance in developing coping mechanisms, fostering resilience, and navigating the challenges of re-entry with confidence.

Embark on your post-incarceration journey with Sam Mangel by your side. With a tailored and holistic approach, he ensures you are well-prepared for the opportunities and challenges that arise during the re-entry process. Together, you can pave the way for a successful and fulfilling life beyond incarceration.

C.S Lewis wrote: ” You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” I receive dozens of calls every week, and the single question and concern that I always hear is: “What am I going to do after prison?”

On nearly all of these calls, I hear a bit of whining and an “Oh, woe is me” attitude. Like there is no life after prison.

I tell those callers to stop their “pity party” and remember that they have a long life ahead of them, most with families to support. I explain that their attitudes are selfish and self defeating and that just because we are felons, we do not have to be defined by this title or our charges.

As part of our series to better educate you and your family about the federal prison journey, I wanted to do a brief video about the Halfway House.

Federal White Collar Consultant

Prison consultants are individuals or organizations that provide guidance and advice to individuals and their families who are facing incarceration or have already been incarcerated.

My unique combination of knowledge, experience, and skills makes me stand out amongst other advisors.

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  • Sentence Mitigation Assistance
  • RDAP Program
  • Post Sentence Program
  • Personal Assistance for you and your familly throughout this journey

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Sam Mangel’s Mission is to help people who are having the same problem he once had!

Sam Mangel

Federal White Collar Advisor

My name is Sam Mangel and I’m pleased to reveal the back story of how I came to work with people going through the federal justice system. After all, I’m asking you to trust me. It’s only fair that I reveal my background so you will have a better idea of who I am and how I got here. My pathway to working with my team began long ago.

On April 12, 2016, at 7:00 am, I heard a knock on the door of my home. I went and opened it to find about eight people. They wore blue windbreakers with large FBI letters stenciled on them.

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My experience convinced me that we all should work to be our best self-advocates. With our team, we work to help others prepare themselves for the best outcomes.

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