What Should you Pay a White Collar Consultant?

Federal Prison Consultant

Hi, my name is Sam Mangel. When I left the Miami prison camp in April of 2020, I decided that I wanted to help as many people as possible, both to avoid the pitfalls that I encountered throughout my 4 year journey from arrest through prison and also to provide the support that they and their families need throughout.

I joined a large white collar consulting firm and learned that many, if not most consultants will “suck you in” when you are most desperate with promises of help and support. I then realized that these firms sell “cookie cutter” products, reminding me of a new car dealer where after you find the car you want, they try to upsell you a clear coat, wheel/tire protection or an extended warranty.”. After you make your purchase, you rarely, if ever, hear from them again unless you are being “up-sold” on new products.
By the time you were finished purchasing everything these firms had to sell, you spent well over $10,000, in many instances over $25,000 and received their standard, overly replicated products, whether it’s a narrative, a few character letters, mass market webinars or in some cases they offer to build websites and “prison courses.” When you work with a consultant, whether it is for your pre-sentencing needs or post-sentencing concerns, shouldn’t everything be included in the fee that you are quoted?
Of course having a good statement is important as is having quality letters from your family and friends, but shouldn’t that all be part of your engagement? Isn’t the most important reason you hire a consultant for their consulting, support and preparation for both your eventual sentencing and if needed, incarceration? Shouldn’t that person be available for you and your family 7 days a week as you never know when you will have a question, concern or fear over the journey you are going through? Shouldn’t your consultant work with and have full access to the experts that you might need as you move forward? Former wardens, current and former BOP employees and other subject experts in their respective areas? Having these resources set us apart from other “consultants.” We work with attorneys in areas that they simply have no knowledge of, including what happens after your sentencing and how we can help you spend the least amount of time in prison and the most in a non-custodial setting like home confinement.
I left my former firm because I wanted to provide this level of support to people. I don’t have “cookie-cutter” products, mass webinars or other impersonal products for sale. Rather, I provide all of the above in addition to counseling, advice, and a compassionate ear for you and your families 7 days a week for a single fee. Because, while I might not have all of the answers when you call, I will do everything possible to find them out and provide them to you.
I hope you enjoy my most recent video and call me anytime with any questions.

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