What Are the Best Jobs in Federal Prison and How Do You Get Them?

Without the CARES Act

Working in a federal prison camp can offer various job opportunities with different responsibilities and benefits for inmates. Some of the best jobs are those that provide valuable skills and experiences that can be useful upon release.

Here are some examples of jobs available in federal prison camps and how inmates can get them:

  1. Education Clerk or Tutor: This role involves assisting with educational programs and providing tutoring services to other inmates. To get this job, demonstrate a strong educational background and a willingness to help others with their studies.
  2. Library Aide: Inmates can work in the prison library, assisting with managing books, providing library services, and helping other inmates access reading materials.
  3. Clerk or Administrative Assistant: In this role, inmates can work in various administrative positions, helping with paperwork, data entry, or other office-related tasks.
  4. Custodial Worker: Inmates may be able to work as custodial workers, helping clean and maintain the prison facilities.
  5. Food Service Worker: Working in the kitchen can provide food preparation and service skills. Inmates can learn valuable culinary skills that may be useful after release.
  6. Landscaping and Groundskeeping: Some prisons have jobs in landscaping and groundskeeping, which involve maintaining the facility’s outdoor areas.
  7. Vocational Training Programs: Federal prison camps may offer vocational training programs, such as carpentry, welding, or computer skills. Inmates can apply for these programs to learn valuable skills for future employment.
  8. Unicor (Federal Prison Industries) Jobs: Unicor is a government-owned corporation that operates in federal prisons, providing work opportunities in manufacturing, electronics, and other industries.

To get one of these jobs, inmates typically need to follow a few steps:

  1. Good Behavior: Inmates with a record of good behavior are more likely to be considered for jobs. Having a clean disciplinary record and a positive attitude can be a significant advantage.
  2. Apply and Interview: Many federal prisons have an application process. Inmates interested in a particular job should apply and participate in an interview if required.
  3. Skills and Experience: Some jobs may require specific skills or qualifications. Inmates can showcase any relevant skills or prior experience during the application process.
  4. Education: Inmates with a higher level of education may be favored for certain jobs, especially those related to tutoring or administrative work.

It’s important to note that the availability of jobs and the application process can vary depending on the specific federal prison camp and its policies. Inmates should inquire about job opportunities and application procedures from prison staff or the prison’s education and employment department. Remember that prison jobs are an integral part of the inmates release plan and will help the inmate to earn time credits towards their sentence reduction.

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