Sam and Candi Mangel: The Importance of Your Support System While In Federal Prison

Sam Mangel White Collar Advice

One of the most stressful parts of preparing to surrender to Federal Prison is leaving our families and loved ones behind.

As I tell everyone, both clients and their families, being in a prison camp is the easy part. The hard part is what our families and loved ones have to face while we are away.

The inmate is fed 3 meals a day, given a safe place to sleep and has little to actually worry about on a daily basis other than being productive, programming and staying clear of any trouble.

Our spouses, family and friends need to continue with their lives, support themselves, and in nearly every case, support the inmate as well. When I left my wife to go to the Miami Camp for my 60 month sentence, I had no idea of what I took for granted and just dumped onto her already hectic plate. Being properly prepared for your surrender and putting your family in the best possible position is the key to making it through this journey.

In this video I asked my very camera shy wife of 34 years, Candi, to join me and share some of her experiences and insight into what she did to get through my 21 months away. I will often ask her to speak with the spouses of clients, or anyone in this situation, to better prepare them for the road ahead of them. Whether it’s the finances, careers, children’s schooling, or the myriad of other obligations and responsibilities the ones we leave behind have, proper preparation and concern are crucial to making this a more tolerable experience.

Not adding to the stress by focusing on your issues while incarcerated, and focusing on your family and friends concerns and problems will show a lack of selfishness that is an essential part of this process.

If after you’ve watched my short video you would like to speak with either me or Candi, please call, email or text me.

Thank you