Please Be Aware of These New Scams Targeting Our Community

Photo says scam alert
In the past two days, I’ve received two calls from the spouses of clients who surrendered to different camps over the past 3 weeks.

In the first call, the spouse told me that she received a call the prior night from someone claiming to be from the BOP. She said that her caller ID showed BOP in Washington DC and the caller had all of her husband’s information.
The caller told her that her husband, who surrendered 5 days earlier for a 63 month sentence, was just approved for immediate home confinement but first she had to pay to get him the home monitoring system. She told me how convincing the caller was and how much information he seemed to have about her husband. The caller told her that she needed to send him $995.00 via cash app that night so her husband would be approved and sent home 3 days later. She sent the money before reaching out to us for any confirmation or explanation because of how bad she wanted her husband home.
The second caller told me she received an email and phone call from someone offering to sell her reputation management services for her husband. Again, her husband recently surrendered for a 60 month sentence and she too desperately wanted to do anything possible to help him.
This caller requested a $500 deposit and subsequent payment of $1500 once the work was done. The caller went on to explain how he and her husband discussed this and that time was of the essence.
Fortunately for the 2nd caller, she called me first and I explained that this was a scam preying on very vulnerable people in their greatest time of need and desperation. The first spouse unfortunately made the payment before she called us.
There are all kinds of egregious people in our society who will prey on the most vulnerable in their time of greatest need. But if it sounds either too good to be true, or out of the normal, please call us. We are aware of the latest scams circulating in this community and if we haven’t heard of it yet, we have the tools and resources to find out for you before you are taken advantage of further.
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