How to Work With Your Case Manager and Prepare For the Earliest Possible Release Without the CARES Act

Without the CARES Act

Find out How to Work With Your Case Manager and Prepare For the Earliest Possible Release Without the CARES Act! With the CARES Act scheduled to end in June, the notion of you or your loved one getting out of prison much sooner than what is provided for under the FSA has diminished.

While there remain many viable routes to securing the earliest possible release, your case manager in prison, the person who determines not only your release date, but if you will be going right home to home confinement, or to a halfway house is the ultimate determining factor. This is also the person who you might need if you run afoul of any of the many rules and procedures in the facility.

Yesterday I had the chance to speak with a retired case manager at two BOP facilities who eventually became not only the warden at Danbury and Marion but one of the highest-ranking females in the BOP. She is now a principal at the consulting firm Prisonology.

We discussed what the case manager’s role is in not only your eventual release but your overall prison experience. We discussed some of the “snake oil salesmen” promoting crazy products such as websites, book reports, and 5-15 page release plans for the case manager to review to affect their release dates. While she laughed at the notion of any of these changing how the case manager thinks about earlier releases, she went one step further, saying “Are they f-ing crazy to think that those will even be reviewed by the case manager?” Rather she pointed out how busy and in most instances overwhelmed the case managers and counselors are in the BOP and making their jobs as easy and uncomplicated as possible is one’s best ally. She also went on to explain what policies and procedures she would follow when considering one’s release date and what she expected from inmates under her control.

While preparing someone for their surrender and time in prison is a main focus of our firm, helping clients and their families navigate their actual incarceration and understanding what will truly have an impact on prison staff is essential. Specifically understanding what you need to know about your case manager, who determines the eventual release date as well as many other issues while in prison is essential.

I know that many, if not most people on this journey want to do everything possible to not only try to remain out of prison but if incarceration is inevitable, how to spend the least amount of time away from their family in a prison camp. I know that if someone would have told me that paying them to create a website so I could blog from prison or having them write a 15-page release plan would help me get back to my family sooner, I likely would have bought into their sales pitch. Don’t get fooled into thinking that spending money on foolish programs which only enrich the consultant is the answer to your concerns and fears about securing the earliest possible release. Understanding what is possible and how to secure the best results is essential, and not something that throws precious financial resources it is essential for you and your loved ones to accomplish.

Please call me if you would like to discuss your post-sentencing program in greater detail.

How to Work With Your Case Manager and Prepare For the Earliest Possible Release Without the CARES Act

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