Was Just Fired From My Bank: Sam Mangel- White Collar Advisor

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I’m always amazed when I’m speaking with someone who is either mired in the federal justice system, or in fear of it and has little to no idea how this could and likely will affect their banking and investment relationships.

I remember speaking with my wife  when I had been at the camp in Miami for two weeks. I called her one night and she was frantic. She said that we received letters from our banks, credit card companies and investment firms telling us that we were no longer welcome there as clients. I was at a total loss as to what to tell her to do and the fact that I left her in this lurch..
Talk about feeling completely helpless!
I learned that being a white collar felon, it is virtually guaranteed that I was going to be “Fired” from my banks. This stems from 2001 and the KYC, “Know Your Client” policy.
But knowing about this before you or a loved one surrenders to prison and what can be done to address this early is the key to removing another of the many issues that you will face as you move forward in this journey. This is just one of the many things that a White Collar Advisor can help you with.
There are still banks who will accept your business, both before and after your term in the BOP. But more importantly, by being properly prepared and knowing what can and cannot be done prior to your surrender is the key to maintaining you and your families financial independence and peace of mind.
If you or a loved one would like to discuss this inevitable part of the process, let’s talk. Please call, text or email me and we can speak further.